Water Installation

Practical Research for collaboration with Anssi

On wednesday the 2nd of november, me and Anssi met up at my place for a first trial of a collaboration we have discussed, where our individual efforts into creating generative works could be combined. As Anssi over the last year has developed his skills in audiovisual reactive work and, more specifically, over the summer has indulged in the creation of organic video art using a combination of water, oils and colours, a collaboration combining these techniques and my water dripping generative instrument seemed intriguing. Our setup consisted of, in the order of operation:

  1. My device, dripping coloured water
  2. My sensors detecting the drips and sending them for musical generation, as well as via MIDI to Anssis computer.
  3. A pure data program on Anssis computer generating visual material and sent out to a video monitor
  4. A clear plastic container standing on top of the video monitor, filled with clear water
  5. A camera mounted in position to clearly see the colour dripping into the water, as well as capturing the reactive visuals from underneath

Our setup worked insofar that we could quickly see both some issues and promises for further development. One drawback we found was the amount of light reflecting in the room, and in further tests we will make sure to have a much darker surrounding. Anssi will program a visual component that is simple, yet continuous in movement based on the MIDI from drips. The slight increase in viscosity from the colour in the water made the filters in the hospital IVs used for control of water flow clog up, so for they will need to be removed before next session. Based on our first impressions, there seem to be potential in developing the project further, and in next week we will continue to experiment with a slightly updated setup.


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