Major Project Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2 - Notes

The presentation should have a bit of narrative – reflect on what you have learnt and how you have progressed


Include at least 5 artists, works etc that you have learnt and responded to.


the work -your responses to that work – the artists own reflections on the work – a critics view on the work




Watch these documentaries for reference material:


– My winnipeg – guy madden

– sleep furiously – same sound designer as touching the void

 – touching the void


How do they use sound to make their point in the storytelling




For installation


– Check out score for a hole in the ground

– shawn decker – Prairie


How will it be experienced in the space – will people understand what it is




For preformance


–  Clarify who has been doing what, roles and responsibilities


Make sure you think about the venue, how will it be experiences





reflect on how your personal experience relates to the choices and inspiration that you have taken part of