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John Franzen – One line – One breath

A brilliant piece of work, exploring emergent patterns and movements deriving from attempting to draw thin lines as close to each other as possible, without touching the previous line. When repeated on a large scale with hundreds of lines, interesting shapes appear
Amazing resource for generative inspiration. Norwegian Anders Hoff makes great work and explains it in great detail in a series of posts and project descriptions that are overflowing with structural, technical in inspirational ideas. Really amazingly structured and easy to follow!

Chris Watson talking about his sonic installation / piece of schitzophonic audio that was displayed in the Kew Gardens

Ten interesting sonic projects that take inspiration from or play with a natural setting or idea. 

David Collins – Software Patches

A series of inspirational patches and musical tools created in Max/MSP by David Collins. The use of chance sequencing and potential control integration with gyroscopes from mobile devices are ideas I have thought of exploring myself. These tools will be a great resource for further inspiration.

Tadej Droljc – Max/MSP/Jitter


An amazing resource for Max patching, with several very advanced sonic and visual tools available to download, as well as his own academic research writing into spectral processing of sound in Max. An example of this can be seen in the video below.

In depth sound log walkthrough by Fred Ginsburg


A blog post that thoroughly walks you through how a location recording sound log should be written, with loads of in depth professional knowledge shared. It was a great read to make sure I will not be missing important information in the logging of data to go with the audio recordings for Cracking the Whip

Bit Shape Software Tools


A collection of iOS apps for experimental music tools and software synthesizers. Very innovative and unique interface designs.