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Parca - Emerge (2022)
Sink down / Float up / Lie down

Erratic rhythms and high tempos drift off to sea on calm waters.

This one was started right at the beginning of the p*ndemic - I had just picked up a new distortion/filter unit and was running all sorts of anything through it. Ended up making an absolute mess and it’s taken me until now to clean it up. You can hear a lot of 0-coast nonsense, FFT stretched guitar, swell delays, sticks and branches as well as an actual little voice sample.

Thanks for your attention, much love.

Lyrics: Waa-waa-Wee-waa

Released March 18, 2022
Parca - Speek (2021)
Part programming experiment, part expressive experimental music, Speek takes the aural stage showcasing a range of vocaloid noises teasing ones earlobes with their generative whimsical directions.

Taking inspiration from, and carrying an immense gratitude for artists such as Visible Cloaks, Jan Jelinek and Bluetech this release celebrates the freedom of digital sound production through the means of deep signal manipulation.
Most of the source material used to edit this song has been treated with a combination of formant-shifting resampling, as well as FFT stretching and den-noising, leading to the highly synthetic tones that construct the basis of this music.
The result is often unruly and expressive, and a large part of my work has been to tame this wild heap of tones into something that speaks (more) clearly.

With gratitude to the creative artists who have explored these waters before me, I hope you enjoy.

Lyrics: waaawwweeeee-oooo-aaahhwwwaaa

Released June 12, 2021
Parca - Dilation #2 (2020)
Dilation #2 is the second part of a concept series that (unknowingly at the time) started with my previous release 'Jannes Piano', which delves into and explores a fraction of time of sonic expression.

Time is absolutely one of the most mind boggling concepts that surround us at all times and, through the use of recording technology, it is also one of the most available and easily manipulatable aspects of sound. This allows for a reimagining of a moment of sonic expression with which one can explore and attempt to illustrate, or even provoke a moment of mental stasis. An artificial reduction of time passing by, which allows us to submit to slowing down.

This time, the moments are spliced from field recordings from a ferry, drum machines, a small lake and a particular synth/vocal stab, all extended and forced into technological compliance.
The main sound source is a second long slice of music, stretched and meticulously processed with multiband dynamics to recreate a sense of development and structure.

All the rhythms are constructed without the rigid grids we are all so used to today, which allows for the timings of drums and the space between notes to breathe in an unusual (and hopefully not too confusing) manor. All quantising of the elements have been done sparsely and only when really needed. This is very much an experiment in form, after having spent too much time getting stuck in my creative process.

Released July 3, 2020
Parca - jannes.piano (2020)
A slow, evolving, dramatic, evolution and expansion of a single moment from a severely detuned piano. This tune has been crafted almost completely from a off-hand recording of a piano being roughed around.

Using looping techniques, and (a lot of) compression, this recording has been sculpted to behave in musical ways. Splicing and editing these acoustic parts, and layering with deep synthetic bass creates the atmosphere of larger scale than the sad looking room it was recorded in.

Released March 30, 2020

Thanks to the piano at Sound arts @ LCC, London
Planetary Dislocations (2018)
Released on Abstract Reflections on the 28th of February 2018

"Planetary Dislocations" is a journey through space, from lush garden worlds to barren exoplanets. It is a sonic landscape intent on portraying inconceivably far away places and unimaginable circumstances, a dream about intelligence, technology and the future.
Simulations of random behaviour lead us through an artificial organic organic space. The machines become our nature, as we venture into the abyss.

Produced by Anssi Alhopuro & Pär Carlsson
Mixed & Mastered by Pär Carlsson
Artwork by Anniina Saksa
Dislocated Communication (2016)
Intention, composition, encoding, transmission, reception, reconstruction and interpretation.
Communication between entities and entities and their environments takes many forms. Dislocated Communication takes you to the birdsong of the jungle, the electromagnetic ocean of telecommunication and the physical but inaudible world of ultrasound, three unique methods of communication that allow their users to connect with their surroundings in a myriad of ways.
Dislocated Communication is a collection of entirely improvised ambient pieces that make use of unsynchronized sequences, programmed (limited) randomization, mathematical processes and random chance (human) operations.

Tools used:
Nanoloop 2
Pure Data

Music improvised by Anssi Alhopuro and Pär Carlsson.
Mixed and mastered by Pär Carlsson.
Artwork by Anniina Saksa
TRD - Lucid Dreaming (2015)
Escorting you through the swamps of reality, Lucid Dreaming is a deep and personal ride through the subjective depth of a single mind. Developed over 5 years this album holds expressions of a personal struggle, expressed through hopeful harmonies, challenged by a looming darkness that seem to never fully cease its hold. Lucid Dreaming is an 45 minute emotional journey through the mind of the creator, illustrating personal development through melodic expression. Although the album is danceable throughout, providing the listener with dense atmospheric psychedelic trance spanning between 105-145 BPM, TRD has produced the tracks intended for this album to be listened to in a personal space by individuals seeking music that provides questions, rather than statements.

Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K.
Original photography by Hanna Täubers Grahn.
Guitars on track 6 by Arvid Kongstad

Released November 5, 2015
Dislocated Mountain (2015)
No-one knows what awaits at the peaks of Dislocated Mountains. The only constant about this landscape is that everything is continuously falling apart and reorganizing itself in unexpected ways. Ideas of repetition, memory and familiarity are apparent, yet strangely convoluted. Dislocations remain true to the structural ideas that were conceived with Dislocated Gravitation, while continuing our exploration of unsynchronized sequences in electronic music improvisation. These tracks have been edited and mixed from jams recorded in late spring 2015.

Gear list: Ableton, Maschine, Pure Data, Samplr, Machinedrum, OP-1, Volca Keys, Yamaha QY70
Music improvised by Anssi Alhopuro and Pär Carlsson. Mixed and mastered by Pär Carlsson.
Released September 16, 2015
Dislocated Gravitation (2015)
Dislocated Gravitation is an experimental electronic music project that studies rhythmic structures on the edges of musical intelligibility. All of our material is created as live improvisation with a set of hardware and software. The relations between parallel sequences are based on mathematical ideas and chance-operations, instead of conventional music theory. This results in unexpectedly evolving harmonic and rhythmic textures that reflect the seemingly random, yet structured way nature itself works.
Artwork by @iratezilla on instagram.
Released May 7, 2015
KOLOSS - Strum/Deep Within (2014) 
Apostles of the Universe (2014) 
Apostles Of The Universe marks the epic debut of TRD, 21 year-old Pär Carlsson from Sweden. His style is defined by a spacey flow with crisp tribal percussion and dreamy vocals designed to lead the listener into a divine state of being. With his first creations he takes you on a melodic voyage spanning from dark soothing ambient to uplifting progressive psytrance using his own personal style to create intense yet relaxing music. This release also makes the mark as the first release of his own label, Chaitra Records, which will be a source for psychedelic music in the downtempo, psytrance, and techno genres. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with artwork by Pär Carlsson (TRD).