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P Carlsson
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Part programming experiment, part expressive experimental music, Speek takes the aural stage showcasing a range of vocaloid noises teasing ones earlobes with their generative whimsical directions.
Taking inspiration from, and carrying an immense gratitute for artists such as Visible Cloaks, Jan Jelinek and Bluetech this release celebrates the freedom of digital sound production through the means of deep signal manipulation.
Most of the source material used to edit this song has been treated with a combination of formantshifting resampling, as well as FFT stretching and den-noising, leading to the highly synthetic tones that construct the basis of this music.
The result is often unruly and expressive, and a large part of my work has been to tame this wild heap of tones into something that speaks (more) clearly.
With gratitude to the creative artists who have explored these waters before me, I hope you enjoy.