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P Carlsson

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Dilation #2 is the second part of a concept series that (unknowingly at the time) started with my previous release 'Jannes Piano', which delves into and explores a fraction of time of sonic expression.

Time is absolutely one of the most mind boggling concepts that surround us at all times and, through the use of recording technology, it is also one of the most available and easily manipulatable aspects of sound. This allows for a reimagining of a moment of sonic expression with which one can explore and attempt to illustrate, or even provoke a moment of mental stasis. An artificial reduction of time passing by, which allows us to submit to slowing down.

This time, the moments are spliced from field recordings from a ferry, drum machines, a small lake and a particular synth/vocal stab, all extended and forced into technological compliance. The main sound source is a second long slice of music, stretched and meticulously processed with multiband dynamics to recreate a sense of development and structure.