Current state of music production project

There has been more progress on the music side of things for my major project. Progressing quickly, me and Anssi have now recorded a total of 8 improvisations together this term. They have been continuously improving in sonic quality, in the sense that we are getting more and more comfortable playing with each other, and both seem confident in leaving space for the other person, but at the same time working together to create a unified sound matter.

As I recently made some hardware improvements to my setup (see previous post) my ability to have control over my parts of the sessions has increased dramatically and for the first time (even though we have been playing together for over two years) I feel like I can, on the fly and in the moment, create the sonic textures and materials that I have in mind.

The style we improvise in has become increasingly sound based, working more and more with textures and unpitched sound, and with less focus on multiple harmonies as the main focus point. In the current setup, which has been in use throughout the jams you can listen to below, you can hear from my side:

  1. Operator (FM synth)
  2. Max4Live Granulator (Granular sampler)
  3. Synplant (Strange digital softwaresynth)
  4. Field recordings

The above are all being controlled by a MIDI-hardware controller, and being recorded straight into ableton as MIDI and session data. All of Anssis parts are being played on external hardware and recorded via an audio interface to a multitrack session where each of his devices can be mixed separately.

As we progress, an updated post will contain more information and new sound files!

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