Water Installation

Audiovisual project (video)


Before Anssi went back to Finland over the christmas break, we had a final go at developing our audiovisual performance that makes use of my generative music/installation concepts and Anssis merged physical/digital visual experiments. The result so far can be seen below, where a video of an exeprt from the recording can be seen. 

As of now, we have a pretty clear idea of what is needed in order to finalise this project, and although we encountered some problems on both sides of the collaboration, these should be fairly straight forward to fix and are the exact reason these preperation sessions have been extremely helpful. On my side, there were a few times where the droplet did not trigger sounds, or even triggered sounds when there was no physical input from the device. This is not something I have come across before, and some fine tuning of the device and another look at its code will be necessary before any display/performance can be made.

This said, the result is still very mesmerising, and with some more tweaking and testing I am confident that it could be a very successful project. 


We also discussed our options for how to perform it, as the process of sound and visual creation is pretty much self sufficient in this piece. Anssi suggested that we possibly could do a combined performance of our musical project and this audiovisual piece, so that we would have a little bit more to do on stage than is necessary for this piece. My suggestion was that we set everything up nicely on stage, get it going and make sure to have done enough preperation for the piece to play itself, in abscence of its creators. This could be an interesting way of staged live performance which I would personally find quite interesting.

(direct link to youtube for higher resolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nelbN837tFU)