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Piotr B – Random by Nature

Project description

Translated from German: In nature, there are sequences that are influenced by the characteristics and nature of the surrounding space. “Random by nature” uses ice cubes to make one of these sequences more intense through a composition of sounds. Pseudo-random is called random, which is generated digitally by an algorithm. The time at which the sound is generated determines the space. The coincidence of the composition is a natural and no calculated one.


This installation utilises a very clean, minimalist aesthetic to produce the kind of natural randomness I aim for my installation to present. The installation description mentions the difference between natural randomness and the calculated pseudo-randomisation that occurs within computer generated random numbers. My installation will in its final form make use of a combination of naturally occurring randomness in terms of the water droplet distribution between the different “taps” where droplets are gathered and released, and pseudo-randomisation generated within the algorithms which essentially create the musical output of the installation.

This installation inspires me to improve the aesthetic and conceptual value of my installation, in order to provide the listener/viewer with a complete installation experience. However, this installation lacks creative sonic output and seems more like a display of natural randomness than one of a conceptual vision. Also, in an installation setting, this setup would need constant supervision in order to run for a longer stretch of time, as ice would need to be refilled constantly. My installation will in its final form need no supervision, and will produce (as can be heard when analysing natural phenomenons) an infinite variation of detail in the sonic output.