Film Collaboration

Crack the whip – Meeting notes 2016-01-09

Script walkthrough

The script follows a day pretty much,

The car is an important part, she doesn’t walk due to where she lives – dangerous area

This is her bubble, so is her dungeon

It will be transition from location to location and subject to subject

In terms of sound it should be presented from her subjective point of view.

The city should be seen as kinky, as she is a sex worker



Slow, with a lot of movements. Objects, actor/slave, dungeon.

Not specifically showing the whipping.

Parts in slow motion, no sync sound

Introduce Megara, Walking into the light.

This is something its gonna be a rollercoaster, some will be “what is this” some will just want more.

Who is she? why ish she in a documentary? The next scene will very light and “normal”


// Build beat with heart, whip, rattles of cages, pushing ecstasy // 



Instead of meat, she will whipping eggs for pancakes

A few closeups of her preparing

She is working on her computer

Intimate interview, she will be “with us”

We were ‘disconnected’ in the first scene, in the second scene we will connect with her, normalise her as a person

We will be moving between living room and kitchen

Getting into the car

She is quite hyperactive in the car – the supermarket is an excuse for showing the city

Phone buzzes in the car back from the store, showing that she is active doing things

Transition could be opening doors


//whipping in car doors//



Voice over or talking head interview – possibly from first interview

This interview will be



Megara getting ready – possibly in slow motion


// building tension, linking to SCENE 1 //


Possibly voice over during the b-roll – if we want to normalise the space

She prepares for documenting online content



By her desk in the dungeon

Talking about taboos – her profession – where is your income coming from? – censorship

Expecting to talk about her being censored

FIGHTING in the gym, again chalk in slow motion – Building up intensity and emotion – possibly to a strong part of the interview if not too obvious


// whipping in the boxing, ripping when untieing gloves //



Will possibly be shot in her bedroom.

What will she do if the censorship goes forward? In 10 / 20 years? Will she want a family? Personal life? Relations to guys? In combination with her profession?


// whipping the bedsheets // Meetings planned: 15th – meeting for how to organise on set preparation 29th – final meeting before departing