Film Collaboration

Cracking the whip – Sound experimentation

Sound Treatment

After meeting with the film crew, I decided I should test out some ideas for the use of sound  for storytelling. I had ideas for how I envisioned the more artistic scenes with Mistress Megara in the dungeon, and wanted to see if I could make something based off library and online sourced sounds that resembled these ideas. I found it surprisingly difficult to find sounds that are related to BDSM culture (whips, leather, latex, bodily / erotic) without any music or talking over the top of what I was looking for. In the end I managed to find the most basic individual sounds necessary to create the illusion of a BDSM session. I cut together some whipping sounds with skin being hit, some grunts, breathing, an orgasm and a heartbeat. It sounds slightly unrealistic, but it will serve its purpose for now. 

Will update with an audio clip in a future post, as it gets more finalised.