Major Project Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 - Notes

Stereo mics

sennheiser 418

MKH 30/60

zoom h6 – ms monitoring


Developing the contextual side – commenting on modernity and nature – industrialisation of natural resources


Nature recreating nature interesting loop – playing back a nautral soundscape from individual stems

nature vs technology as a conflict

you have the phenomenology of the piece, the first

Where do you see this work fitting in – art and technology open calls


Context is how the work is experienced by the listener and how an audience can connect it to other works.

The fact that you made this work now is interesting, why now, what does it mean in the current political / artistic environment



what is the process / end game – make sure to have a clear idea of why / how the wrk is being made

Ask Didac for connections to record some material before going – political viewpoint is improtant – the style is important – talk about research

Play a part of the sound scetch that seems the most interesting in the prestentation