Film4 – Moments of Horror 2

Between the 12-25th of October I have had the pleasure of being involved in the sound post production of four short films produced for Film4 UK. I was contacted by Tim Harrison who assigned me to do the dialogue edit for one of the films, named Short Cut, doing dialogue premixes of all the films, as well as operating an ADR session where the directors for the films came in together with the actors needed to re-record or add lines that had been inadequately recorded or missed completely.

Having some experience working with films, from the summer term of 2016 when I helped several graduate films from BA Film Practice with similar tasks, I felt excited to get to increase my experience and work on my first commercial projects.

Working closely with Tim, I got to see the insides of how to communicate properly with directors, making sure that their vision of the film is transferred to the sound edit and leading them through the process with recommendations while being open and lighthearted towards their suggestions.

On a technical side, I got to learn the insides of how to properly organise, record, manage and deliver ADR and foley recording sessions, I also explored better workflows for managing projects sent to me for mixing.