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Kanto & Puro is a project that explores parallel tempos, unsynchronized sequences and the effects of different environments in electroacoustic music improvisation.

What does a recording enviroment entail? The physical aspects of the space and the properties of the chosen recording medium affect a recorded sound in many obvious ways, but in addition to that, the space we inhabit and the tools we choose have an effect on our mental state and an influence on our decisions during improvisation.

As a recording medium, the cassette recorder changes the sound of the recordings, but also it limits the possibilities of what one can do with the sound afterwards. When you can’t fix something easily, you adopt a different perspective on it. Some mistakes you can learn to love.

For me, going to the forest to record proved to be the most challenging part of these sessions. Not only did the soft forest floor make everything wobbly and uncomfortable, there was a sense of us intruding this picturesque scenery with our unnatural sounds and technology. This in addition to all the distractions, the sounds and movements of the forest, lead to a very chaotic state of mind that for me is evident in those tracks.

These recordings were done during the spring and summer of 2015 on different locations around Turku, Finland. There are a few minimal edits, but generally the tracks are as we played them live.

released February 14, 2016

Anssi Alhopuro – Synthesizers, drum machines and samplers
Roope Kantonen – Drums and piano

Produced by: Anssi Alhopuro
Mastered by: Pär Carlsson