Improvisation with Anssi

This sunday saw the first revisit too me and Anssis routine of meeting up once a week to do electronic-based improvisation. We have previously in our two years at Sound art and Design met up frequently and the result of these jam sessions have been three finished releases of experimental ambient, released under my own label Chaitra Records. We do our jams with independent tempos on all devices playing sound, which leads to rhythmically interesting and evolving layers of sounds and rhythms. During this evening we recorded three playing sessions and, when meeting up the day after, we listened back and edited our two favourite ones down to a shorter “demo” style tracks that we can listen to for future reference. Exerpts of these can be found below. Two other artists working with similar ideas of not fully synchronised electronic music are Jan Jelinek and Vladislav Delay – Both very active experimental music producers. In both these artists records, one can find “organically” evolving melodic patterns, complex polyrhythms and a style of production focusing more on sound and atmosphere than traditional rhythm and melody. Vladislav Delay has in interviews mentioned his background in Jazz, and holds this as a possible inspiration to his sound in making music.

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Jam Session 1