Uni start and first steps of progress

This week we went back to LCC and started this year of studies again! It was really good to see everyone again, and get a bit of an update on what people have been up to during the summer. 

As we were to present our proposals for both dissertation and the major projects on this day, both these parts had been thought through and structured beforehand to make sure I knew more exactly what I wanted to do. 

The dissertation ideas have become more structured, and for every time I get the question what I am going to write it about, I feel like I can answer it better and better. For now, I am the most interested in the randomness of natural sound (and nature in general) and how this randomness is interesting in a technological environment where most things are simple, repeatable, and uniform. As technology allows us to create more and more complex pieces of work, we start looking at the complexity in nature.


I also met up with Anssi, and we discussed how we shall approach our jamming and the production of our next release. We decided to do jams every other week, and on the following week we will sit down and have a quick production session on the jams we previously made, and create small demos that we can evaluate throughout the process, rather than making all the production and selection in the end of the process.